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Summer Mold Prevention in Manayunk

8/22/2023 (Permalink)

<img src =”mold-prevention.jpg” alt = "mold damage preventions”> Learn how to prevent harmful mold in your home or business.

Summer Mold Prevention

During the summer, mold damage can occur more frequently due to the humidity and moisture we experience. Areas that are prone to bacteria and wet surfaces such as showers or windows can quickly grow mold if left unattended. To prevent the need for mold remediation in your home, make sure you are staying on top of several actions.

  • Inspect your home for signs of moisture. Windows, HVAC systems, bathrooms and other areas where water can play a role in mold growth should be routinely cleaned.
  • The interior temperature should be kept cool enough to prevent warm air and moisture. Keep your doors and windows closed to prevent stagnant air.
  • Ensure that your HVAC system is working properly and that all windows are sealed to prevent a water leak that can slowly progress into a larger issue.
  • Clean out your gutters. Mold can even grow from the moisture trapped in the leaves in your drainage system.
  • Ensure that you hire a restoration professional to clean up any water damage you may experience. Improperly removing water from a structure often leads to mold growth that can spread quickly.

In the event of mold damage this summer, SERVPRO of Manayunk & Chestnut Hill provides thorough services to remove, clean and restore the affected areas of your Manayunk home. Our mold remediation team will help you to determine the extent of your damage as well as guide you through the entire process. We also work with your insurance provider to help get everything back on track quickly for your family. SERVPRO of Manayunk & Chestnut Hill is proud to provide a variety of cleaning and restoration services to our local community.

How Our Skilled Professionals Will Eliminate Moldy Odors From Your Manayunk Home

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

If you become aware of the presence of mold in your home, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill immediately.

Clearing The Signs And Odors Of Mold Damage In Your Manayunk Home

Professional assessment is a must for homeowners who discover signs of mold or mildew in their property. These microscopic fungi can spread fast and have been known to infect sheetrock, wooden structural components, and wall spaces. Often the visible signs are the tip of the iceberg and can betray extensive mold growth underneath. Although these fungi pose a health risk, they are not considered to be life-threatening. However, dealing with mold quickly and effectively is essential.

The unpleasant odor and appearance of mold damage in Manayunk properties can be rectified quickly using a local service. SERVPRO has experienced IICRC certificate holders in both the assessment and remediation of mold. Our technicians live locally which can reduce call-out times to your property and allow us to guarantee to arrange a service within one hour of notification of loss; we can begin work in as little as four.

By focusing on the source, we can remove mold and prevent it from coming back. Mold spores proliferate in warm, moist conditions so often the source could be a leaking pipe or structural flaw. We use moisture meters and our training to find these moisture pockets and dry them using rapid air-movers or injectidry systems. These equipment allow us to dry inside wall cavities, crawlspaces and beneath the subfloor.

The priority for most homeowners is removing the visible signs and musty smells that are common in this type of property damage. We can use soda blasting alongside other agitative cleaning methods to remove thick buildup. SERVPRO provides technicians with industrial grade foggers that are water-based, meaning they are safe to use in properties without having to relocate residents. Our priority is to remove both the signs and smells to make the damage “Like it never even happened.”

Mold damages can often recur if the property is not thoroughly cleansed. After removing fungus from carpets, upholstery or walls, SERVPRO can apply antimicrobial treatments to the affected area. This treatment helps to mitigate against recurring mold problems meaning one call-out is enough to remediate damages.

If you become aware of the presence of mold in your home, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800 immediately.

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Prevent Mold In Your Manayunk Home

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Black mold grows in the basement. This mold was revealed after a poorly installed bathtub and shower surround were removed.

Wet Basement in Your Manayunk Home Can Cause Mold Growth

There are many Manayunk homes where the basement is generally unused for more than storage of a few items. The lack of traffic to this area often leaves many of the homeowners unaware of the conditions of this lower level and any growth potential threats of moisture and dampness that could result in widespread mold growth throughout beams and floor supports on the ceiling. A good way for homeowners to understand the status of their basement level is to inspect this area for potential damages or damp areas regularly. Even without clear signs of mold growth, a damp basement is something that should get addressed as quickly as you can.

Preventing mold damage to your Manayunk basement might be challenging to do if you do not know what is happening beneath your feet. Often many homeowners do not know about a problem until it spreads through the HVAC system or the flooring material on the main floor of the house to spread mold to new areas of the property that get more highly trafficked. Regardless of how the mold damage gets discovered, removing the presence takes precision and industry-leading equipment you can find on our SERVPRO emergency response, Green Fleet. 

Drying up the area is often as important as removing the mold growth. A drier region lacks the requirements to facilitate further growth of the organism, and our SERVPRO professionals can contain the current spread with air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators. Whether removing the materials entirely or only removing enough to take out the active colony inside, our professionals get to work on eliminating the organism seated in materials throughout this area of your home. We further protect beams and structural elements by spraying them with an antimicrobial solution to make them uninhabitable to spores for a time. 

While you might not see your basement as often as you should, you can appreciate how moist and damp areas of the property can allow for mold growth to occur. To prevent this disaster from affecting more than it already has, give our SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill remediation specialists a call today at (215) 482-0800.

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Remediation For Basement Mold In Your Mt Airy Home

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

If you encounter mold growth in your home, it is best to trust in the rapid response of our SERVPRO professional remediation team.

Remediation For Basement Mold

Many Mt Airy homes regularly battle with moisture and dampness issues, especially in the basements of the houses. With this moisture and dampness come the concerns that these conditions can allow for, which can erode and degrade the construction materials used in supports and framing for the house itself.

The effects from combating moisture and dampness in your Mt Airy basement at its worst is mold damages. This growth in your home not only threatens structural elements but can also provide a significant potential health risk to the residents of the house. If you encounter mold growth in your home, it is best to trust in the rapid response of our SERVPRO professional remediation team to regulate the situation.

The first steps in this remediation process are the full assessment of the spread of the colony throughout the affected area. At this time, our technicians quarantine this area with the use of air scrubbers to reduce the spread of active spores to new areas of your home. To keep the situation further contained, our SERVPRO remediation specialists insist that the air circulation appliances get turned off until the mold colonies can get successfully removed and the damage restored.

Among the most troublesome aspects of mold growth in your home is how quickly the colony can spread. As it moves from surface to surface or spreads along a wall, the colony feeds on the organic material until it is unsalvageable to the advanced techniques of our professionals. This degradation can lead to the removal and replacement of these structural materials to rid the house of the mold colony entirely. This result shows how getting to the situation as quickly as possible is more cost effective and efficient for any homeowner to do.

While you might not get fully prepared to face mold damages present in your home, our SERVPRO of Manayunk remediation technicians has the expertise and industry-leading equipment to resolve this situation for you quickly. The mold damages do not go away on their own. Trust in the rapid response team that we have standing by 24/7 at (215) 482-0800.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Chestnut Hill Home During Mold Damage Remediation

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

Finding mold, whether in your basement, attic or bathroom can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation options.

Team SERVPRO Follows Proven Steps When Dealing With a Mold Infestation in Your Home

Mold damage usually results when your property has wetness as a result of roof or plumbing leaks, flooding, damp crawl space or basement and high humidity which may come from dryer vents or steam cooking. If the moisture problem remains in place for up to 48 hours, then mold develops. It means we have to start by addressing the moisture source when we are responding to such incidents in Chestnut Hill.
There are professional steps that our SERVPRO technicians follow when attending to mold damage incidents in Chestnut Hill. We can visually check whether there is mold in your structure by checking out whether the ceilings and walls are discolored. Another option is smelling the mold by sensing that foul stench. During the inspection, we also determine the extent of the damage - whether the area is above or less than 25 SQ. FT.
While at the site, our SERVPRO technicians can use a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity. If we notice the relative humidity is over 40%, then we can put in place dehumidifiers to reduce the content of moisture in the air. We perform dehumidification to reduce the chances of condensation taking place in cold areas. We then apply disinfectants on moldy spots to neutralize them and prevent the chances of future occurrence.
We remove contaminated porous items such as drywall and ceiling tiles from the structure. If we come across wet wallboard, we remove it and discard. Our team can also drill holes near the floor to drain walls. We understand there might be hidden mold in the interior of the wall, so, we use moisture sensors and meters to check whether there is some level of wetness. By using detergents that have anti-microbial properties, we wash hard surfaces and items. If necessary, we can use a stiff brush when we are washing rough areas such as concrete.
SERVPRO of Manayunk can make your house feel like home once more after experiencing storm, mold, fire, or water damage. Call us at (215) 482-0800 when you want to work with an industry leader that you can trust.

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The Right Measures to Take after Experiencing Mold Damage in Mt Airy

6/11/2018 (Permalink)

Quick action on your part by calling SERVPRO at the first sight or smell of mold can contain the infestation and offer efficient remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Contains the Mold Infestation in Your Home Before Finding the Cause and Remediating the Damage 

Continuous exposure to indoor mold damage may lead to health effects, and that is why there are some service providers out there that can help with cleanup or remediation of mold. As long as oxygen and moisture are present, mold can grow on any organic substance. That is why we advise residents of Mt Airy to act whenever they discover any moisture accumulation in their homes.
While our SERVPRO technicians can control indoor mold damage incidents in Mt Airy, it is not possible to eliminate all mold spores that exist in our buildings. It is hard to see the spores without any magnification, and that means they are so light and can continually move through the outdoor and indoor environment. The moment they land on damp materials, they start to grow and in the process digest surfaces as a means of surviving.
Identifying the mold is one of the tasks that or SERVPRO technicians do while at the site. We start by doing a visual inspection and look for mold growth in contents that contain cellulose such as wood products, gypsum boards, studs and ceiling tiles. Basements, attics, and crawl spaces are prone to mold attacks and while at those places we check whether there is some discoloration on the walls and any present of a musty smell. With the use of moisture sensors and meters, we can detect any hidden moisture intrusion.
Once our SERVPRO technicians detect a mold problem, some of the corrective actions we take include: identifying and stopping the moisture sources, cleaning or removing materials with the mold contamination, removing the mold and thoroughly drying the area before any construction or renovation work starts. Before any mold remediation processes begin, our technicians put in place containment measures. These actions help in establishing an airlock region between the contaminated area, and the uncontaminated area. For instance, by using exhaust fans, we can create a negative pressure that prevents the spread of the spores.
SERVPRO of Manayunk is an industry leader in commercial and residential mold remediation and cleaning services. Call us at (215) 482-0800 when you need to work with highly trained and dedicated restoration technicians.
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The Importance of Professional Mold Remediation in Your Roxborough Home

4/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold grows quickly when the conditions are right. Contact SERVPRO for specialists to remediate the infestation in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Deal With Mold Damage in an Efficient and Effective Way

Your Roxborough home deals with humidity through a good part of the warmer months, not to mention the severe weather it is always seemingly expecting throughout the year. With these possibilities always a constant in the area, it can make for some damp and moist conditions in some regions of your home that might not get exposed to fresh air and circulation that often. Ideally, you want your home to be dry, but having too damp of areas can and often does result in the growth of mold and fungus.
Mold damage to your Roxborough home is nothing that you should hesitate to remedy. It does not take a long time for colonies to spread out and affect a wider area, so contending the issue as early as you can aid the remediation process in getting completed promptly and having a more permanent result. In these instances, professional restoration and mold remediation are critical to keeping your family safe. Mold damage has gotten directly linked to potential health effects, and those exposed to the colonies are at risk for these effects.
Professional mold remediation is a thorough and concise process that implements the most modern and effective approaches to remove the entire hyphae of the growing organisms on the surfaces in your home and to work to prevent similar situations from occurring again in the immediate future. Our SERVPRO professionals get uniquely trained in mold remediation techniques that are the most efficient for every variety of mold and fungus and can identify the best approach to safely and effectively remove the colonies.
Sanding is an approach that can potentially remove the entire organism, mainly when used in conjunction with a chemical solution sprayed on the organic surfaces to seep into pores and dry out any remaining mold. Drying the area is critical to preventing mold damage from reoccurring, and this gets done by implementing air movers and dehumidification equipment in the affected areas. Locating the source of the moisture is required to prevent further exposure. Otherwise, dehumidification might have to continue indefinitely.
When you first experience mold in your Roxborough home, you should not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Manayunk to help you remove the colonies and provide a safer environment for your family moving forward. Our mold remediation specialists are available 24/7 at (215) 482-0800.

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Mold Damage from Sink Leak in Your Germantown Home

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

It is important to have any leaks in your plumbing fixed in order to prevent mold growth.

SERVPRO’s Thorough Mold Remediation Process

Mold growth found underneath your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sinks in Germantown can be caused by various factors. Improper air flow, inadequate ventilation, high humidity, and leaks in your plumbing are all common reasons. While every home has some level of humidity, fixing those plumbing leaks before they cause more damage can not only keep the mold in check but also save money on your water bill.

If you have found mold and mold damage under a sink in your Germantown home, it is essential that you get it taken care of right away. Mold continues to spread quickly, so the problem only continues to get worse if left unchecked. Plus, it can be unsafe for you and your family, as mold can cause health effects. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you clean up the mold damage, plus fix the leak that caused it in the first place.

There are some significant steps we need to take in the mold remediation process. First, the mold contamination must be contained, so it does not spread to areas of your home which are uncontaminated. We are careful not to introduce airflow to uncontained mold spores, so they do not spread.

SERVPRO techs then proceed to remove the mold. The method used depends on the kind of surface the mold is on. Nonporous materials can usually be cleaned. However, porous materials often must be removed and discarded.

Dust and settled spores also need to be cleaned. Spores can be removed by HEPA vacuuming and damp wiping most of the time, even when they are on porous materials. We clean surfaces from top to bottom since mold spores settle downward. Surfaces are also cleaned in the direction of airflow toward negative air machines.

Your structure is lastly dried to prevent further mold growth. Setting up air movers and following the normal process of drying could spread mold further. Some procedures for drying are delayed until containment and mold removal are complete. Dehumidifiers which have little airflow can be used during containment and removal.

SERVPRO of Manayunk handle mold situations carefully in your home in Andorra, Mt. Airy, or Dearnley Park, so we do not spread the problem further. We are ready to help you at any time, so reach out to us at (215) 482-0800 as soon as you are aware of the issue.

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Insulation and Mold Damage Control in Germantown Homes

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold spreads quickly given the right conditions. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the proliferation of mold throughout your home.

Understanding How Mold Grows is Key to Stopping Its Spread

Mold growth is a serious concern for Germantown homeowners. Molds are microscopic fungi that feed on organic matter. They produce spores that can be insect-borne, water-borne, or air-borne and have an ability to rapidly reproduce under the right conditions. These are moisture/water, nutrients, and a temperature range of between 47 and 120 degrees F. Two of these conditions (nutrients and temperature) are a part of most buildings.
If you detect the presence of mold damage in your home, SERVPRO has a team of highly skilled and highly experienced mold remediation experts who can respond quickly to your emergency. We offer 24/7 mold damage restoration services for Germantown homeowners and its environs and are dedicated to returning your home to preloss conditions as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened."
All fiberglass insulation attracts dust, which is an excellent source of mold nutrients. In fact, approximately 70 percent of all crawlspace and ceiling fiberglass are severely contaminated with mold growth. Both rockwool and fiberglass insulation have enough nutrients to support mold spores.
When it comes to mold damage control, SERVPRO technicians focus on moisture regulation. The presence of mold signals excessive water or moisture, which is essential for mold to thrive. Keeping the living area dry can prevent the fungi from growing. This involves maintaining indoor humidity levels to below 40 percent.
It is beneficial to keep in mind the moisture sources that result in mold growth and mold damage. They include interior moisture from unvented clothes dryers, bathrooms, cooking, and human bodies, humid air condensing on cooler surfaces in the house, and ground water. It is essential to inspect the type of HVAC system involved to determine whether drying or replacing is the best option. Of course, this is assuming that we are not dealing with categories two and three of water damage, as this should always be replaced.
If your HVAC system has been overtaken by mold growth, you can count on SERVPRO of Manayunk to control the mold damage. We are available 24/7, every day of the year to respond to your emergency. Call us today at (215) 482-0800.

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Ideal Conditions for Mold Damage in Philadelphia Homes

10/21/2017 (Permalink)

Mold can spread quickly given the favorable conditions for its existence. Should you see or smell mold, contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Battle Mold Damage on a Daily Basis with Great Success

Preventing mold damage to your Philadelphia home is never a straightforward task. Every home and household is different, meaning acceptable sacrifices and treatment options tend to vary significantly between individual cases. However, you should at least understand the conditions in which mold grows best, so that you can control them as needed and know how at-risk your home is for mold contamination.
The most crucial factor in whether or not your home develops mold damage in Philadelphia is moisture content in the building. How are humidity levels in different parts of the home? Do you have any leaks or water flows around the house? Does moisture accumulate in tile grout or other tight spaces? Excess moisture content is the most critical contributor to mold growth in the home and is also often the easiest factor to control. Most qualities favored by mold are also ideal for people, but moisture presents a fundamental disagreement. While mold may prefer excess moisture and humidity, it may make your home less livable for you and your family. Keep humidity below 45% around the home for optimal comfort and control over mold growth.
Temperature is also essential for mold growth but is far more difficult to control. Most varieties of mold prefer to grow at or slightly above room temperature, which is also ideal for most people. However, if you feel that you can brave colder temperatures, it may serve a dual purpose of discouraging mold growth and saving you money on your heating expenses.
Finally, ventilation in your home may influence the spread of mold. While air currents may make growth more difficult for mold colonies, it also helps to spread their spores around the home and broaden an existing problem. Some species of mold also take readily to the vents themselves, compounding matters significantly.
SERVPRO of Manayunk is a local expert provider of mold remediation and restoration services. If your home bears signs of mold damage, do not hesitate to call us at (215) 482-0800.
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Tips to Prevent Mold Damage in Your Philadelphia Home

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO to Prevent Mold Patches from Ruining Your Philadelphia Property

SERVPRO Remediates Infestations of Mold and Mitigates Damages

Protecting your family often includes protecting the investments you make. Your home deserves the same kind of care you provide to your car, although doing so can be dramatically different. Ensuring that your family is in a safe and reliable vehicle is relatively simple because when problems develop, they tend to be quite obvious.

Homeowners do not have that same luxury when it comes to protecting their next greatest investment from different dangers, particularly mold damage in the Philadelphia area. This tiny microbe, a mold spore, is not only small, but it often remains hidden in shadowed areas, or in the darkness found under cabinets where water is often present, even if in only small amounts.
Mold can quickly cause several different kinds of problems when it grows on the surfaces inside a home. This and other fungi can affect a plethora of materials if given enough time. While its size may make it seem insignificant, and its appearance sometimes has a dry and dusty appearance, depending on the type, it should not be confused with a dry and insignificant dust that can easily be swept away with a damp dust cloth. There are ways to help you effectively protect your home and possessions from mold damage.
Using a HEPA filter on your vacuum cleaner can help to limit mold spores from spreading through your home. These spores are in most home environments. However, around windowsills, particularly those which are left open, have been found to hold high levels of active mold and spores compared to other areas of a home.

Ensuring that there are no dripping pipes, fixtures, sinks/tubs/showers and that all appliances that use water are also drip-free.

Repairing all windows that leak, doors that allow rain or snow to enter under the door jam, and checking on a periodic but regular
For areas such as basements, crawlspaces and under attached porches that have bare earth as their floor, placing a dehumidifier in the area can help keep humidity and accumulations of moisture at acceptable levels. This can help in basements where concrete exists but has visible cracks that may allow moisture, or rainwater, to enter. Lack of sunlight is conducive to mold proliferation for two reasons: the fungi flourish without sunlight, and the lack of heat and light increase the chances of moisture accumulation.
SERVPRO technicians have the training needed to not only help you in detecting water leaks and install dehumidifiers but to mitigate any damage that mold and other pathogens have already created in your home. No matter the size of your mold patch, we can quickly make it “Like it never even happened.” Mold remediation is best left to the professionals.
There are times when even the best of efforts are not enough to keep microbes from causing problems inside a home. When mold damage affects your home and possessions, it is time to call SERVPRO of Manayunk. Our local number is (215) 482-0800, and we answer calls 24/7.

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