What our Customers say...


I would never wish our house damage upon anyone, but if it does happen, I would seriously urge anyone to choose this SERVPRO team. They showed up fast and worked around the clock to get my home back to looking its best. 

Being a professional means more than just doing the job right. You helped us through a traumatic time and you helped to keep us calm and informed throughout it all. 

I didn’t think our house would ever look the same again, but here we are trying to figure out exactly what parts of our property were replaced. Very impressive work. 

There’s something to be said about a company that puts time into training and equipment. From the crew you sent out to my house, I know that SERVPRO takes it very seriously to have skilled technicians with the best tools. 

I cannot get over how professional and knowledgeable the technicians in my apartment were. They got to work immediately and before I knew it, everything was back to the way it used to be. 

I’d like to take a minute to thank the incredible team of professionals that came out to my house and helped us through a very traumatic experience. You were courteous and patient. We will recommend you to anyone. 

I have always been a guy to fix things myself, but I knew that this damage was well out of my wheelhouse. A big thanks to your entire team that came out on very short notice to restore my home. 

Seeing what mold can do to the things in my house, I am thankful that your company was available to help me through restoring the damage it caused. 

There are plenty of things that have affected this house over the years, but most of them I have been able to handle on my own. When it got out of my hands, I am grateful to your team for helping me to fix it. 

I never thought much about needing professional restoration for my BBQ stop, but where there’s smoke…you get the idea. Your company did a truly amazing job with my little building and my customers can’t even tell there ever was a fire here. 

If anyone ever wants professional restoration services, I am going to tell them about your company. I cannot express how at ease you made us feel while you worked to restore our home. 

I cannot begin to tell you how gross mold growth in my house made me feel. Your remediation people made short work of this mold and helped me to understand how to prevent it in the future. So impressed with your team. 

I cannot begin to express the thanks of my entire family for giving us back our home after the fire. We believed we would have to relocate, but I cannot even tell a fire ever happened now. Truly remarkable work. 

Wow, I am still amazed at the great job your team did cleaning up the mold from our home. We are very grateful!

Wow, the heavy rains really created a lot of storm damage in our area, and some of the water came into our home. Your company came quickly when I called for help, and got my home dried up in no time.

Your team did the best job cleaning up my shop after the area storms damaged the roof and caused a huge leak.

I couldn’t have chosen a better company to clean up our home after the fire. You’d never even know the fire happened.

I was devastated after seeing all the flood damage to my business, but you did an amazing job cleaning up the mess. Thank you!

The storms did a number on our roof, letting rain come in and damage our attic. However, your team was able to come in quickly and clean it all up for us.

I didn’t think much when I saw a bit of mold growing on our ceiling at first, but then realized there must be moisture up there so I called SERVPRO in for help. Sure enough, there had been some damage to our roof that I missed that had been letting rain in.

We just wanted to tell you guys thanks again for the quick response and the help getting our senior living community cleared up. We appreciate all your efforts.

When my sump pump failed during the last snow melt, it was at the worst time. The street drains were also clogged so I had water coming in from two different directions. Your technicians handled everything beautifully. Thanks forever!

Until you go through it yourself, you’d never understand how much damage a fire actually does. I recommend calling SERVPRO for quality help.

The school was a mess after the fire, we needed to find someone who could get us back up and running before the kids started returning. We called SERVPRO.

The mold in our attic was terrible. But your team knew exactly what to do to get things under control. You’re great.

Having a fire in your home is an experience I’d never wish on anyone. However, if you have to go through it, call SERVPRO. They definitely know how to help.

It wasn’t a huge mess, but Correy and his team made the process as painless for me as possible. Thanks SERVPRO.

Bruce and team were kind and supportive offering help and advice moving forward for me to make the most financially reasonable decisions. Thanks for all your help. 

Hi Brian. My sincere thanks for all your help, kindness and perseverance with my property. Thanking you for your kind attention and assistance in this matter.

Clean up took a couple days, but that’s understandable with the amount of damage that was done. All in all the men were very helpful and Bruce seems to head operations efficiently.

I'm glad the SERVPRO guys got out here as quickly as they did, it wasn’t a huge mess but I was worried my wood floors would get severely damaged. Thanks to their speedy work and response time I was able to avoid having to do any work to the hard wood floors.

After the fire system in the kitchen discharged, the entire restaurant was flooded.  Your team worked around our the clock and has us back in business by lunch time the next day.  I never would have thought it possible! I will be keeping SERVPRO of Manayunk in my favs from now on.

Our house was flooded by a bent downspout during a rainstorm.  Our wood floors that we love were warped and bowed so badly I thought they would have to be torn out and replaced, but SERVPRO restored them like new.  

What I thought would take months to clean and repair, you did in a matter of days.  Your crews cleaned all of the soot and there is no detectable smoke odor.  5 Stars!

My basement is clean and free of mold again!  Thank you SERVPRO of Manayunk!

Thanks for coming so quickly and getting right to work.  I thought this would take days to clean up, but they had all of the water out in the first couple of hours and it was completely dry in just a couple of days. What a relief!