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Fire Damaging Smoke, Soot, and Odors Meet Their "Match" with SERVPRO in Manayunk Homes

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damaging Smoke, Soot, and Odors Meet Their "Match" with SERVPRO in Manayunk Homes House Fires in Manayunk Are No Match for SERVPRO's Cleanup, Odor Control, and Restoration

Why Your Manayunk Property Needs Immediate Fire Damage Restoration Services 

Time is of the essence when dealing with fire damage since within a short time much destruction can result. Soot and smoke residues are so destructive and can form permanent stains within a short time. Additionally, the water that was used to put out the fire may cause further damage to your property. That is why you need to call us to inspect your Manayunk property and determine the restoration procedures we have to put in place to mitigate the damage.

Fire damage incidents may expose your Manayunk property to security issues, and it is the work of our SERVPRO technicians to provide the necessary solutions. For instance, we can board up doors and windows for safety purposes, as well as tarp roofs to prevent additional damage that can result from the different elements of weather. In situations where the water that put out the fire is present, we use appropriate water extraction and drying procedures.
Dealing with the smoke particles that result from combustion can be complicated. Depending on what the fire consumed, we may decide to use air scrubbers, ozone treatments, hydroxyl generators, and thermal foggers when restoring the walls, furniture, cabinets, and ceilings of your property. We also make sure the HVAC systems within the building are switched off to prevent spreading soot to clean areas. When it is not appropriate to clean some of the items at the site, packing out is encouraged. We can help with this, also.
Even after performing cleaning and soot removal, some odor may still be lingering within the area. In such a case, we perform deodorization to neutralize the odor-causing agents. For effective results, we use deodorization agents that replicate the way that smoke particles move around the place. Some of the deodorants have anti-microbial properties that prevent chances of mold growth.
SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill offers a stress-free fire damage restoration process. For an instant response to emergencies at any time of the day, call (215) 482-0800 and work with a trusted industry leader.

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We Provide Immediate Response To Your Manayunk Water Damage Restoration Needs

4/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Provide Immediate Response To Your Manayunk Water Damage Restoration Needs We have the expertise, experience and equipment to restore your home 24/7. Don't hesitate and call us right away.

Clean Water Emergencies in Manayunk Requiring Professional Water Damage Technicians

All types of water contain microbes, even from clean water. A split pipe in your home may initially only present a clean water emergency. However, as the water bonds with soiling in the home, whether wall cavities or underneath fittings, it can become increasingly contaminated. This bonding process means that not tackling a clean water spill can see a situation develop into a grey or even black water emergency.

We provide an immediate response using local technicians to help solve water damage in Manayunk homes. Our call lines are in operation twenty-four hours a day, and we can send a trained technician to your property within just four hours of notification of loss. SERVPRO has technicians that hold IICRC qualifications in a range of water damaged areas and can use their expertise to ensure a professional, efficient service.

Standing water migrates quickly moving from wet to dry. That means that it can damage the subfloor beneath your carpet causing it to fall apart. Those with hard flooring like wood, concrete or tiles can also end up with a saturated sub-surface that can become a hotbed for mold growth, particularly in the warmer summer months. Our team can use infrared imaging cameras do discover potential damp spots and prevent secondary issues from occurring.

Floor tiling is often non-porous when fitted but over time cracks or wearing away of sealant can cause it to absorb moisture. SERVPRO can remove tiling to address issues in the subfloor before replacing it afterward. Equally, we can use injectidry systems to establish an air current in wall cavities or underneath fittings to ensure pockets of moisture are not allowed to stagnate further.

Here at SERVPRO, we recognize that it is difficult to talk about water damages without talking about mold damage. The two issues are often mutually inclusive with one causing the other. Our team can repaint base layers of paint with anti-microbial treatments to reduce the likelihood of mold occurring. We can also apply Biocides to under layers of carpets, fittings, and fabrics to further reduce the risk of an expensive microbial situation developing.

For an expert service in personal property remediation, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800.

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Wondering How to Make Commercial Water Removal in Manayunk Successful? Read This!

4/7/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Wondering How to Make Commercial Water Removal in Manayunk Successful? Read This! Travelers are looking for a dry, clean room when they pay to use your motel rooms. Contact SERVPRO when your business is facing water damage.

Overcoming the Challenges of Commercial Water Damage in Manayunk Motels

When there is a water spill in a motel, the most challenging thing is how to extract the water and dry the facility fast to continue serving customers. People expect their favorite motel to be operational, especially when stopping over on a long journey. Reducing the downtime caused by the spill is, therefore, a significant priority. You can involve a professional commercial restorer to help fast track the process.

Fast removal of any standing water helps reduce the time it takes to fix commercial water damage in Manayunk. Having the right gear is crucial because such equipment can handle thousands of gallons within a short span. Our SERVPRO technicians use different types of extraction equipment including submersible pumps, truck-mounted water extractors, and portable extractors. Our crews also work as a team allowing them to tackle different areas simultaneously.

After removing standing water, a substantial amount of moisture remains in wet contents and building materials. Removing such moisture requires sufficient evaporation rates. Ventilating the structure by opening windows and then using fans can increase the rate of evaporation. However, this method has many challenges including interference by weather changes, energy loss and risk of losing valuables such as TV sets in the motel rooms because anyone can access them. Our SERVPRO technicians use a closed system whereby air movers boost the evaporation rate, and dehumidifiers extract the moisture from the air.

Water causes a wide range of damages in the contents such as furniture in a motel. Wooden items can swell and crack, or form spots. Color bleeding, water spots, and mildew growth are common water problems in upholstery items. The correct drying approaches can help save such items and preserve them in pristine quality. Our SERVPRO technicians use appropriate water extraction tools for furniture or upholstery items to remove most of the water. We then take simple steps such as tenting cushions and placing waxed paper between zippers and the rest of the materials to prevent rust as the items dry.

In case of water loss in your motel, call SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill to help dry and preserve items. You can reach us at (215) 482-0800 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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If Winter Weather Has Damaged Your Roof Causing Flood Damage To Your Chestnut Hill Home, Call Our Crew Right Away!

3/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage If Winter Weather Has Damaged Your Roof Causing Flood Damage To Your Chestnut Hill Home, Call Our Crew Right Away! Call us at (215) 482-0800 for fast service that helps keep restoration costs low, and damage to your family's belongings minimized.

A Winter-Weakened Roof Can Cause Flood Damage To Your Chestnut Hill Home

Ice dams on top of homes across Chestnut Hill cause severe damage during the winter by opening up spaces between shingles. These spaces can lead to deterioration and extreme weakening of the roof's support beams below. The damage may go undetected until Spring when heavy showers alert homeowners of the problem.

Homes in Chestnut Hill can suffer from flood damage. Weak sections of a roof can let in large amounts of rain that can ruin a home's interior and contents from top to bottom. SERVPRO has specialists with IICRC certification ready 24 hours a day, every day of the year to help you restore your home.

Because flooding inside your home that comes from the roof comes into contact with building materials like insulation, wiring, and other components, this water can also pick up contaminants and leave it very dirty. This same water also affects those same materials. Our team of experts knows how to solve this situation for you and make things “Like it never even happened.”

We begin extracting the standing water from your house's lower levels and searching for places where the water passed through and left saturated. We place air movers in these sections of your home to force the moisture out of the walls, floors, and personal belongings and into the air. Moisture does not simply disappear, though, so we use powerful desiccant machines that remove this additional water vapor from the air.

Flooded carpets can pick up stains, as well as high concentrations of contamination. We generally remove these and make sure that the flooring underneath becomes adequately dry before new carpeting comes in for installation. When only a small area sustains flood damage, we can often clean it enough to save it. We also deodorize regions affected by water to keep odors from becoming a nuisance.

SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill is here for homeowners in Germantown, Andorra, and Roxborough for flood damage disasters. Call us at (215) 482-0800 for fast service that helps keep restoration costs low, and damage to your family's belongings minimized.

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Drying Flood Damage in Your Manayunk Home

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Drying Flood Damage in Your Manayunk Home  No matter the size of the flood disaster, SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Restoring your Manayunk Home From Flood Damage is What We Do 

Rain damage in Manayunk can cause you very costly repairs to your home because of its destructive effect on foundations and contribution to mold growth. You need good drainage to avoid flooding inside your home. The primary structure to avoid this from happening is your roof. Even a tiny opening is enough space to let in lots of water. Plus, gutters should be cleaned regularly, and you need to direct downspouts away from your home. 

If heavy rains have still managed to get into your Manayunk home and cause flood damage, you could have a bit of a mess on your hands. A situation like this needs fast action by professionals so that no more damage occurs, such as the growth of mold. Our technicians at SERVPRO are always standing by ready to help you in an emergency to in like this. 

Once we have the standing water out of your home, we need to dry it thoroughly. Air movers are some of the equipment we use to increase evaporation and reduce drying time. These machines create airflow at the surface level, pushing moisture into the air as vapor, and replacing the wet air with air that is drier. 

Air movers serve various functions in flood and water damage. On some of them, a carpet clamp lets them be used to “float” carpets, blowing air underneath the carpeting. We can attach shrouds to the snout of the air movers, making them able to push dry air into wall cavities and under cabinets. High-velocity airflow from the air movers increases the rate of evaporation by getting rid of moist air next to a wet surface. 

The air movers SERVPRO techs use are made as one, two, or three-speed units. We are cautious of the force and direction of the air flow since these machines are powerful enough to blow curtains and wall hangings off the wall. We may need to take things such as this down while drying your home. For floating carpets, we use two or three-speed units with clamps. Most one-speed units do not make enough airflow to float carpet correctly. Some single-speed machines could overheat if used for floating carpets. All of them can overheat if the air inlets are blocked.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill monitors the drying process each day, and we rearrange the air movers as needed to speed up the drying process. If you have a flooding problem in the areas of Andorra, Chestnut Hill, or Roxborough, give us a call right away at (215) 482-0800, so we can help you.

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What to Expect from Mold Remediation in Chestnut Hill

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO What to Expect from Mold Remediation in Chestnut Hill Finding mold in your home is not uncommon, SERVPRO has the training and expertise to properly remediate the damage and keep it from returning.

Mold Damage is a Common Issue Which Requires Professional Remediation Experts

Finding mold in Chestnut Hill is something more homeowners experience than you might expect. The discovery can be frustrating, frightening, and intimidating. You may try to manage the problem yourself with bleach, or other do-it-yourself tactics but find the infestation returns. Our trained technicians know how to abate the current mold outbreak successfully, and minimize chances of it recurring.

The procedure that offers the best outcome for mold damage in Chestnut Hill was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in schools and commercial buildings. Employing this remediation process in residential situations is entirely appropriate. It addresses how to deal with the immediate problem of visible mold colonies efficiently, and also recommends ways to impede future mold proliferation. Our mold remediation crews master the EPA approach while training for the Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) in the IICRC curriculum.

SERVPRO remediation crew members inspect and evaluate the extent of mold damage in a dwelling and then develop a plan to keep inhabitants and technicians safe during remediation. Remediators wear personal protective equipment, and a containment strategy isolates the moldy areas from residents and the rest of the house using physical barriers such as heavyweight plastic sheeting. Often we enhance the containment afforded by using a negative pressure air scrubber to filter and exhaust air as the mold is removed. The moldy materials are bagged and discarded per local rules, and then a final vacuuming with HEPA filter fitted equipment is followed by antimicrobial treatments to inhibit further mold growth.

No mold remediation is complete until the source of moisture feeding the mold colonies is found and eliminated. SERVPRO’s remediation crew locates the source of the water and develops a plan to eliminate it.

If the dampness is due to plumbing or roofing leaks, we help to arrange a permanent fix. Clogged or damaged gutters are another common cause. Clearing and stabilizing the exterior drainage system and ensuring the grading around your foundation slopes away from the house reduces moisture transfer significantly.

High interior humidity can fuel mold growth by itself. We have strategies including adding dehumidifiers, running exhaust fans, and evaluating issues with AC systems that bring humidity in your home to within the safe range of 30 to 50 percent.

SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill delivers comprehensive mold remediation when you reach out to us after finding or suspecting your home has mold damage. Call us at (215) 482-0800 for an expert assessment and the industry’s best practices when we abate your property’s mold infestation.

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SERVPRO, Fire Damaged Possessions in Manayunk, and Happy Customers

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO, Fire Damaged Possessions in Manayunk, and Happy Customers Why SERVPRO after Fire Damage in Your Manayunk Home? We Can Pack-out for Cleaning, We Do It All!

How Do Pack Out Services Work for Fire-Damaged Manayunk Homes?

As traumatic as a widespread structural fire can be to your Manayunk home, the effects that this situation can have on the irreplaceable items and keepsakes in your possession can make it even more devastating. Our mitigation strategy has always been to reduce loss for our customers during a disaster, and that even comes down to protecting these items that remain at risk after the fire has gotten extinguished.

While there may be some items that suffer irreparable fire damage during the blaze in your Manayunk home, there are many contents within your property that can get restored. Our SERVPRO professionals within our Contents Department have effective strategies for removing these items from your damaged home and restoring them individually. After the physical damage has been removed from your property, these possessions can get returned to their original positions.

Part of our ability to protect the belongings within your home is our fast 24-hour response to emergencies. Our team can arrive quickly to your home after a fire with all of the necessary tools and personnel to begin mitigation and restoration work immediately. Our Contents Department can earmark items, furniture, and other belongings for removal during the initial inspection of the property. We arrive with boxes, bubble wrap, moving paper, and moving blankets to transport damaged items to our facility safely when the job calls for these pieces of equipment. All pack-out items are carefully inventoried to simply their return, even in staggered sequences.

Once these items arrive, our highly-trained technicians can get to work on cleaning these items individually. This process can involve many steps depending on the severity of the damage and exposure to soot and smoke particulates. A hydraulic pumping system in an Esporta heavy-duty grade washing machines can work miracles with cleaning soot and odors from soft contents like a Teddy Bear or drapes. The use of ultrasonic baths can clean knick-knacks and other hard items without harm in a bubbly minute. Deodorization is another step in this restoration process, and this often involves the use of our ozone chamber at our facility to neutralize smoke odors embedded in the contents recovered from your property. There is much more in our inventory of equipment to make our customers feel "Like it never even happened."

The team works to provide you with the most comprehensive service at this stressful time, and you can depend on us to restore your home and its contents completely, whenever possible. Give our SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill restoration specialists a call anytime that you need us at (215) 482-0800.

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If Your Manayunk Home Has Suffered Damage From A Fire, You Need Our Crew To Help!

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage If Your Manayunk Home Has Suffered Damage From A Fire, You Need Our Crew To Help! If your property needs professional remediation, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800.

Restoration Of Structural Components In Your Manayunk Home After Fire Damage

A house-fire can damage your home in two separate ways. The first is your contents which may need to be taken out of the property and restored individually. The second element is structural and could be the physical framework of the building itself. Everything in between, such as cabinets, lighting fixtures, attics, windows or curtains are considered structural components and can sustain significant smoke or soot damage. With the right methods, these structural parts can be restored to preloss conditions.

The scope of remediation for properties with fire damage in Manayunk depends on the scale of the event. A SERVPRO technician can help you to ascertain the level of damage in the property as well as take steps to remediate structure. By carrying out a careful visual inspection, we can confidently assign which parts of your home are salvageable as well as which need to be demolished and replaced.

Electrical fittings can be particularly challenging to remediate. At SERVPRO we can remove the fittings to clean behind them and prevent malodors. Expensive structural components like chandeliers can be disassembled for ultrasonic cleaning. We can also use steam cleaning to help lift soots and smokes from your electrical fixtures and then remove the soots by hand using wet cleaning methods.

Removing soots and smoke residues require a combination of wet and dry cleaning methods. Fitted cabinets, particularly those mounted at eye level as in a kitchen, need to be individually cleaned to ensure the proper removal of all smoke and soots. Where wood has a lacquer, SERVPRO uses wet cleaning techniques to remove soiling. Inside a cabinet though is often unfinished wood so cleaning chemicals could cause further damage.

Every fire is unique so restoring property after these types of issues should be left to a professional. Attempting to remove soots by yourself could cause further damages and affect your insurance claim. SERVPRO is a nationally recognized institution that you can trust to act in your interests throughout the service. We always stick to our restore over replace promise and strive to conduct ourselves in an efficient, timely manner.
If your property needs professional remediation, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800.

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After A Water Damage Incident In Your Manayunk Bathroom Our Experts Will Restore It To Pre-Damage Condition

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage After A Water Damage Incident In Your Manayunk Bathroom Our Experts Will Restore It To Pre-Damage Condition If you experience a water loss incident in your home, do not hesitate to reach out to our SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill rapid response team.

Restoring Bathroom Décor In Your Manayunk Home After Water Damage

Even with minor water loss incidents that occur in the bathroom of your Manayunk home, many of the elements and materials could become saturated and damaged over a brief period. Securing professional restoration services for water loss incidents that occur anywhere in your home is a wise decision to ensure that the appropriate drying techniques get applied to the situation to prevent further complications and damaging effects later.

The bathroom of your home persistently remains one of the areas most prone to water damage throughout your Manayunk property. From the leaking of fixtures and plumbing connections to the malfunction of installed elements like your toilet or bathtub, many avenues could quickly damage construction materials and cabinetry like vanities or towel closets. To protect these saturated elements and restore them to their original condition and strength, you should reach out to our SERVPRO rapid response team.

Our professionals can respond quickly to assess the full scope of the damage to the bathroom of your home and determine the source of the water damage causing the concerns. We can repair leaking fixtures or plumbing and work to prevent further water penetration while our drying efforts and cleaning services get underway. We can communicate with you the entire time to ensure that you are aware of the tasks getting performed to return your property to its preloss condition.

Drying out exposed materials is critical to preserve them and prevent unnecessary tear out and reconstruction. If it is a clean water incident, we can often implement our high-powered machinery like LGR dehumidifiers and air movers to force moisture out of saturated elements and into the air to get collected and removed from the affected areas.

Restoring damaged elements and cabinetry in your damp bathroom is possible with the right response from our trained professionals. If you experience a water loss incident in your home, do not hesitate to reach out to our SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill rapid response team at (215) 482-0800.

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Is Commercial Water Damage Being Stored in Your Roxborough Bank Vault?

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Is Commercial Water Damage Being Stored in Your Roxborough Bank Vault? Call your SERVPRO Franchise professional to help keep your bank open while remediating a water loss event.

Commercial Flood Damage Professionals In Roxborough Talk About Pipe Freezes

During the winter time, snowstorms and cold weather in the Roxborough area can cause several different problems with both businesses and homes. If your bank gets caught in a blizzard or cold spell, issues could occur that require you to call in a professional commercial flood damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. Blizzards can create high-speed winds that can puncture your bank's windows or exterior walls allowing the snow to enter your bank building. During the winter months, outside temperatures can drop well below zero which can lower the indoor temperatures in portions of your bank. When the areas around your plumbing system start to get cold, it is possible that your water pipes can freeze. When water freezes, it expands, and it can force your pipes to burst and spill moisture into your structure and cause your bank's property extensive commercial flood damage.

Once a pipe freezes and breaks it can pour hundreds of gallons of water into your bank in a short period. Pipes usually freeze overnight when your bank is closed which can make the issues more severe, making it wise to call in an experienced commercial flood damage company in Roxborough. Our SERVPRO technicians have experience in dealing with a variety of issues on both personal and non-residential properties. We know that when working in your place of business, it is essential to keep your company operating as normal if at all possible. When a pipe breaks in your bathrooms, for instance, we can shut down one bathroom at a time and close off your bank in sections so that your customers can conduct their transactions as usual.

Water damage from a pipe bursting inside your bank's public restrooms can cause your building materials and possibly contents to get ruined. When mitigating any issues inside your bank that occurred, we work towards saving as many items we can with extraction and drying methods to reduce overall costs to your business. If you ever have a pipe freeze and break inside your bank's restroom, call SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800 immediately.

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