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Water And Flood Damage Solutions in Philadelphia’s East Falls Neighborhood

9/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage and flooding from storms or internal to the house can be devastating. Contact SERVPRO for remediation efforts and great results.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Current Damage and Suggest Maintenance Projects Which can Prevent Future Water Damage

Strong storms put your East Falls home at risk of interior water damage and even flooding. Rains that fall in torrents overflow gutters and push drain spouts over capacity, forcing moisture into your foundation. High winds strip off shingles and drive damaging water under flashings and into your attic. Our crews know how to handle water and flood damage, restoring your cozy dwelling.
The rain that pounds off your roof and collects in ditches beneath the gutters eventually causes flood damage to your house. The flooding is a telling symptom of water damage in East Falls that may have been plaguing you for years. Count on us to evaluate all ways water may be damaging your home. We recommend solutions to keep the water out in the future while also restoring the harm done to your structure and contents.
Clogged or damaged gutters are double trouble. First, water that isn't flowing as expected gets under the roof and soaks the rafters and flows down the walls, eventually making its way into your living areas. Gypsum board or lath and plaster both suffer, showing bulging and staining when water repeatedly saturates it. The first sign of water damage often is peeling paint or a bubbling on the ceiling.

SERVPRO crews assess the situation, releasing any collected water by carefully punching holes. We know water damage will reappear if the gutter system is not fixed or upgraded. Once repairs are made outside the drying and restoration efforts made inside are permanent, not a constant battle you are doomed to refight with each rainstorm.
The second issue commonly afflicting homes with poorly performing gutters and downspouts is flood damage in the lower levels. The constant flow of water off the roof around the foundation, instead of away from it, as is the purpose of properly functioning drains and gutters, overloads the ground near your home with moisture. It moves into the foundation through the cinderblock, concrete, or stone and rises inch by inch on the floor of your lowest level. Just like the water damage to walls and ceiling upstairs, the persistent flow of water flooding your basement is a chronic issue until the lot is graded to have water flow away from the foundation. Repaired gutters and drains also direct rain off the roof and into your yard rather than inside the house. SERVPRO can address the flood damage by removing water and drying out and sanitizing the basement, but only attention to rain runoff management offers a true solution.
Work with a proactive water and flood damage restoration company when you hire SERVPRO of Manayunk. We restore current damage but always with an eye to eliminating the water problem. Call (215) 482-0800 for a full-service solution.

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