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Biohazardous Flood Damage and Removal In Your Chestnut Hill Home

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

flood damage in home If you suspect a contamination issue, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800.

Biohazardous Flood Damage and Removal Methods for Chestnut Hill Residents

Not all types of water carry the same level of threat. The water in the pipes of your property, as well as rainfall, are clean water supplies. When these sources of water enter the home in large volumes, the situation is a sanitary water emergency. These emergencies generally require restoration rather than replacement. However, exterior water entry, such as in flash flooding, is often more severe. Flash flooding or road overflow can lead to contamination being brought into your home. Rushing water picks up silt, debris as well as harmful human pathogens like raw sewage which, when entering the house, results in a black water emergency.

A black water emergency is a severe form of flood damage in Chestnut Hill that may require you to vacate your home temporarily. Biohazardous waste substances brought into the home can pose a grave threat to your health. It may include viruses, harmful bacteria, or sewer gases, all of which make your property temporarily uninhabitable. Not only should you relocate to a safe property, but there may also be a necessity to perform widescale replacement of materials in the home's structure. These materials may include drywall, sheetrock, insulation, carpeting, and upholstery.

When the water has high levels of contamination, porous materials absorb both water and contaminants. Performing standard drying procedure is no longer suitable since, even when dry, pathogens are likely to remain. SERVPRO emergency water restoration technicians (WRT) may need assistance from qualified biohazardous waste removal teams using specialist equipment like self-priming trash pumps. These specific water pumps are designed to pump the solid waste out of a property as well as moisture.

Since there is a high chance of cross-contamination, SERVPRO technicians need to set up a quarantine in the property as well as decontamination and cleaning zones. Soiled items undergo a careful assessment to decide which are restorable. Some things, like fabrics or dense materials, can be treated to industrial machine washing or immersion cleaning. But unfortunately, many must be removed for disposal at a waste facility. Using controlled demolitions, SERVPRO technicians can remove structural elements, disinfect the offending area, then return new materials in the stead.

Ensuring the safety and habitability of your home is our priority. If you suspect a contamination issue, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800.

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Why Professional Smoke Damage Remediation is Necessary in Roxborough

1/8/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke alarm surrounded by smoke Smoke odors penetrate all areas of your home. Call SERVPRO for effective smoke odor removal.

Removing Trapped Smoke Odors from Roxborough Homes 

After a fire loss incident affects your Roxborough home, it can be challenging to overcome all of the effects that the disaster can leave behind. Structural weaknesses and collapse are often among the first considerations after a widespread threat. Still, other symptoms of the fire like smoke odors and residues are often equally important to address in the initial mitigation phases of recovery and restoration. 

Removing trapped smoke odors is a universal need with the restoration of fire damage in Roxborough homes. Regardless of the size and severity of the fire, smoke is a byproduct that can leave unpleasant odors and residues behind. How quickly the flames get extinguished, and the materials impacted by the blaze play a role in how concentrated effects like noxious odors are. Odors, beginning at the point of origin, can spread out far from the combustion through open floor plans or the HVAC system. 

Our SERVPRO technicians have multiple tools and products designed to reduce and eliminate embedded fire and smoke odors in both the open areas of your house and in materials and fabrics. For heavy exposures, our professionals traditionally lean on the content management division. We can remove at-risk contents and belongings from your house to provide intricate cleaning, deodorization, and restoration of these possessions. 

For areas and items that can get recovered on-site, we have multiple strategies for effective smoke odor removal. For broader areas, our SERVPRO team can often use hydroxyl generators or ozone machines. These units can handle considerable open areas and are portable enough for multiple applications throughout the house. For more concentrated and limited spaces, our lightweight thermal fogging device can vaporize deodorization agents and disperse the fog throughout the damaged area to neutralize odor compounds on contact. 

Smoke odors can penetrate construction materials, fabrics, upholstery, carpeting, and many other areas of your damaged home. Our SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill team can help with effective cleaning and deodorization tools. Contact us anytime at (215) 482-0800 when you want to make a fire loss, “Like it never even happened.”  

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Flood Damage Mitigation In Manayunk

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in home Call our 24-hour service line, (215) 482-0800, and we can make it all “Like it never even happened.”

Why SERVPRO Uses Advanced Technology During Flood Damage Mitigation in Manayunk

Long past is the days when a collection of bottles of bleach, buckets of water, mops, towels, and fans was considered sufficient for cleaning up flooded homes. Now, new discoveries in restoration technology provide SERVPRO with the ability to use less toxic chemicals and more efficient equipment to mitigate damage and restore houses to safe, livable conditions.

The improved results and swifter recovery time are why SERVPRO mitigates flood damage in Manayunk using the latest advanced technology available. Our ongoing training keeps us informed of the latest techniques and methods, meaning we always give our customers the results they deserve.

We understand that you want your family to live without worry about contamination and hidden damage. Because of this, we use infrared cameras that locate hidden water. Such water, after being forced into spaces, gets trapped. The force of a flood is much greater than the drainage of water later. Once we know where undrained water exists, we can address it with extraction units. After we drain the water, we can dry and spray the area with a disinfectant.

Other issues include flooring that disintegrated during the flood's presence. The glue in parquet flooring dissolves rapidly, and the turbulence of a flood can sweep these tiny pieces up, ruining a once-beautiful floor. Our reconstruction services can explain new options in flooring, so once mitigation and drying finish, construction of your new flooring can begin immediately.

Before we can do any reconstruction of damaged areas, we need to clean and dry everything. Instead of bleach, we use other disinfectant sprays that evenly coat surfaces. These also inhibit microbial growth for extended periods, so you do not need to worry about microbial infestations in the future.

To ensure adequate drying without risking over-drying of structural components, we monitor different materials to ensure they no longer contain excess moisture. This includes the air. Water vapor can cause damage to your home's contents and also make any odors stronger. We also address this using air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and fogging machines. Other approaches to odor control include gel packs and highly absorbent beads.

SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill wants to help families in our communities recover as quickly as possible after flood damage happens to their Roxborough, Chestnut Hill, or Germantown homes. Call our 24-hour service line, (215) 482-0800, and we can make it all “Like it never even happened.”

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Removing Smoke Odors from Roxborough Home and Contents

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

A cloud of smoke in front of a black background. Roxborough, let SERVPRO help you through the smoke.

We know the way through your Roxborough smoke damage.

Odors present a substantial threat to comfortable living after fire loss incidents in Roxborough homes. Even with manageable fire scenarios where the property owner extinguishes the blaze on their own, odors can be one of the most persistent and challenging obstacles to overcome. As we commit to making these disasters “Like it never even happened,” we have unique and potent strategies for handling lingering harsh odors in a property after extinguishment. 

Much of the initial work that we can do to manage odors and fire damage in Roxborough homes begins with our debris removal process. From shoveling out ash and charred contents to controlled demolition techniques that remove catalysts for continued foul odors in the household, our techniques can help to minimize the sources of noxious scents so that deodorization efforts to come are more efficient and thorough. Between both the removal of rubbish and debris to our focused demolition of affected materials and surfaces, we have experienced general contractors to oversee each phase of recovery our fire restoration technicians begin. 

Which equipment is used in the deodorization process is directly connected to the types of materials affected by smoke and how broad of a damaged area exists. In most scenarios, the task falls to any of the three critical deodorizing units in our inventory – thermal/UV foggers, ozone machines, and hydroxyl generators. Each of these units can work to dispel odors in unique ways. Based on the area where these units are necessary, UV cleaning with hydroxyl machines and the creation and distribution of ozone are the best at addressing more significant regions of the house. 

Thermal and UV fogging machines quickly heat liquid deodorization solutions to water vapor for dispersal through a damaged area. The gas state of this product allows it to better penetrate installed construction materials, clothing, upholstery, and other textiles. Also, this is a popular choice based on its lightweight, mobile nature. Foggers can move with our SERVPRO technicians through the house, allowing us to cover more spaces quickly. 

Addressing odors left behind after a fire loss incident can feel overwhelming. Our SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill team arrive with state-of-the-art tools and cleaning products to neutralize present odors. Whenever you need to overcome fire disasters, give us a call at (215) 482-0800.

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Roxborough Property Smelly after a Fire? Call SERVPRO for Expert Cleanup and Good Indoor Air Quality

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

Young woman holding a stop pollution sign while wearing a face-mask No More Odors After SERVPRO Leaves a Roxborough House Fire Cleanup and Restoration

Tips for Fire Damage and Smoke Residue Cleanup in Roxborough Homes

The old saying goes, "Where there is smoke, there is fire," and when dealing with the aftermath of a fire in a home, one could say, "where there is fire damage; there are smoke residues to clean up."

When SERVPRO handles fire damage cleanup in Roxborough homes, they know that the cleaning of smoke damage is never a one-size-fits-all task. There are different kinds of residues left behind, and each requires a diverse array of methods and agents for the best outcome.

Types of Smoke Residues
The residues from the smoke need identification for the proper cleaning applications. SERVPRO technicians know that dry and wet smoke can appear in the same room, so they inspect before mitigation begins.

Wet Smoke
The cause of this type of residue is from fires that smoldered or burned at a lower temperature. Rubber and plastic items tend to leave this type of residue behind. It is greasy, often thick, and smears when wiped. SERVPRO technicians can mix solvents and cleaning agents to create a cleaner that causes the residue to release its grip on surfaces.

Dry Smoke
This type of residue is less hassle to remove; however, it is a product left behind by high heat fires, which tend to leave more structural damage. The dry, powdery film spreads quickly, and SERVPRO technicians know proper methods for cleanup are using dry cleaning sponges to pick up the residue before wiping surfaces with wet agents.

Protein Fire
This almost occurs exclusively in kitchens. When proteins ignite, in situations such as a forgotten pan on a stove with oil in it or an oven roasting a turkey, for example, the fats in the meat become a fine mist that coats surfaces. The film left behind is nearly invisible but very pungent.

Odor Control
No matter what type of smoke and fire loss technicians work on, the application of odor neutralizing methods is almost always a necessary step. Depending on the level of odor control needed, they have professional-grade solutions for surfaces and equipment such as thermal foggers or hydroxyl generators to eradicate scents left behind by the fire entirely.

Fire damage should have professional cleanup and restoration to avoid additional issues. Call SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800 to get your home restored to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

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For Your Manayunk Home SERVPRO Provides Advanced Drying Equipment

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

Drying mats with yellow hoses connected to air movers SERVPRO provides drying mats to preserve hardwood flooring in Manayunk.

Application of Drying Mats During Water Removal Services in Your Manayunk Home

Removing standing water from your Manayunk property may seem like complete restoration after a flood or water-incident. However, water migrates rapidly. With larger volumes of water, the increased pressure can wear away sealants or push moisture into wall cavities and cracks beneath floorboards. These issues can be a serious headache for a homeowner and can often return in the form of wide-scale rusting, mold, rot, or water damage.

Our team is dedicated to fast-acting water removal here in Manayunk but also mindful of the knock-on effects that can result from standing water in a non-water resistant area of the home. When moisture seeps between cracks in the flooring of your property, it can saturate subfloors or damage the underside of natural wood floorboards. Often, these situations can be challenging for a homeowner because wholesale removal of flooring is both time-consuming and expensive.

To overcome these challenges, SERVPRO invests in advanced removal equipment that can be both effective and convenient. With wooden flooring, drying mats are a useful technology to use because they can remove residual moisture without needing to create access points to the subfloor below. Drying mats consist of several mats that each contain water tunnels. These mats are linked to a central, centrifugal vacuum via a single hose. By switching on the vacuum drying mats, which cover a large surface area, begin to draw moisture out from inside and beneath wooden floors.

The application of drying mats in water restoration is beneficial. At SERVPRO, our technicians can assess the condition of your property after standing water is pumped out, and water extractors have removed the vast majority of moisture in the property. Combining the removal procedure with drying procedure can help to ensure that your home does not suffer the adverse effects of long-term moisture damage. We can make regular assessments of the moisture beneath your floorboard by using thermal imaging cameras as well as moisture sensors.

For access to advanced drying and removal restoration equipment, contact SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800.

When Flooding Damages Carpeting in Manayunk Sanctuaries

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

Row of empty church pews; carpeted floor Flooding can ruin your sanctuary's carpeting and cause the church to be closed during the restoration process.

Carpet Recovery for Manayunk Church Sanctuary After Flooding 

Natural flooding in your Manayunk church welcomes a threat of contamination and exposure to these hazards for your entire staff, congregation, and anyone else scheduled to use the facility. The most substantial monetary investment is usually in the look and function of your sanctuary. When floodwaters breach this centerpiece of your church grounds, professional restoration professionals like ours must work quickly to manage the damage and make it “Like it never even happened.” 

Few sanctuaries have pews and benches that are freestanding anymore, and when posed with flood damage in Manayunk churches, reaching the anchor points for this furniture requires removal of the carpeted areas. With contamination threats to any carpeted area of your building, our SERVPRO team exercises vigilance and removes any exposed areas of this flooring once the extraction work completes. 

Extraction in itself is a vital element to tearing out damaged portions of carpeting, as standing water can be a hindrance to the entire restoration process. With blackwater threats, our self-priming trash pumps are an ideal choice for efficient water removal to an outside drain. We have long lead hoses for these units so they can take the desired path from the sanctuary outside, as you might only have decorative windows in this room of the church. These devices have a wide enough intake and discharge hose to handle many solids and debris distributed through the standing water, which can help to reduce some of the cleaning required for the flooring once drying gets underway. 

Our general contractors have more than 80 years of combined construction industry practice, and they waste no time in eliminating exposed materials like the carpeting and padding underneath. This approach can free up access to the pews as well to help remove them temporarily to restore them while the area gets cleaned and dried appropriately. In many instances, joists and subflooring for the carpet can get preserved if the saturation is not extreme, but this can only happen after thorough disinfection, antimicrobial treatment, and structural assessment. 

No matter when flooding occurs or how damaging it can be to your church, let our SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill team help. You can reach us 24/7 at (215) 482-0800.

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We Discuss How Crucial Your Gutters Are To Your Manayunk Home

11/7/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in a home after a storm Contact our experienced and understanding professionals by calling (215) 482-0800.

How Your Gutters Protect Your Residence from Storm and Flood Damage in Manayunk

Many property owners believe that the roof performs the only work needed to keep rain and snow out of their house. However, the gutter system is a crucial part of any house's exterior. Precipitation in Manayunk includes rain and snow, as well as the occasional ice storm. Freezing temperatures can cause problems in the roof itself, as well as the gutters and downspouts.

Just like a build-up of ice dams can ruin the roof covering your house in Manayunk, storm damage, as well as sporadic flooding, can happen whenever gutters fail to function correctly. Misalignment, gaps, or holes can let rain and melting snow hit your home's exterior in powerful waves. Clogs caused by accumulations of leaves, nests, and other debris can also create blockages along the length of your gutters.

When downspouts hold debris, backed up rain or melted snow trying to drain just spills over the edge, instead. This water can collect near your foundation. Erosion around this site s likely, causing a depressed area, merely because of previous rain washing the area free of any topsoil.

If this becomes a problem for you, SERVPRO is always ready to help. Mitigating flood damage inside your home begins after our building crew repairs any openings in your roof made by ice dams or other destructive events. They also help stabilize the situation by unclogging gutters and drain spouts. If twisting or other breakage exists, homeowners might need to have current gutters replaced with new ones.

Because flooding that happens so close to your house's exterior contains much fewer microbes than other flooding, we do not always need to use the same disinfectants. Cleaning often suffices in getting things back under control. Deodorizing helps keep musty smells from becoming a distracting problem, though. Gel packs, granules, or injectable liquids make the interior of your home more pleasant.

Any signs of deterioration in walls or ceilings receive the necessary mitigation and restoration work, making your house look “Like it never even happened.” In short, SERVPRO's professional teams restore and rebuild your property, so any damage caused by invasive water from storms or snow no longer exists.

SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill works in and near Roxborough, Germantown, and Mt. Airy to protect residential and commercial properties from storm and flood damage. Contact our experienced and understanding professionals by calling (215) 482-0800. Our service line is always available, day and night, year-round.

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Our Team Has Extensive Training To Handle Your Roxborough Fire Damage Restoration

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

A room in a home completely covered in soot and smoke damage after a fire hit SERVPRO is the best in the industry, and we have the experience and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. Call us right away.

Why Involve SERVPRO in Restoring Fire Damage in Your Roxborough Home

Among the hazards facing many households, fire is one of the most likely to happen. The aftermath of a fire damage incident presents a wide range of problems, including debris, soiled materials, and various hazards. Calling a professional team such as SERVPRO to restore your property after such an incident helps in many ways.

Safety during Restoration

The dangers associated with fire damage situations in Roxborough do not end when the flames die down. Venturing into the property to clean up, and carry out other restoration processes, exposes one to hazards such as slip and fall accidents because surfaces might be wet from the water used in fighting the fire. Electrocution due to damaged power cables and inhalation of noxious fumes are other common hazards. Letting our SERVPRO team handle the entire process from the evacuation of contents, clean up, and rebuilding affected areas helps protect you from these dangers. We assess the situation to determine the right PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, to use, including rubber boots, respirators, and electrical circuit checkers to protect our crews.

Proper Management of the Process

Restoring a fire-damaged property involves several steps. To a regular person, it might be challenging to know which steps to start with and which ones to put off until later. Our IICRC certified FSRT, Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians, have sufficient training to know the best way to approach the process. We also have extensive experience dealing with similar incidents. We know the simple steps that can have a significant impact when performed early. For example, we pre-clean and apply a light oil to metal surfaces early, thus preventing corrosion from soot. We are also keen to finish all the processes, including cleaning houseplants on both sides of the leaves.

Thorough Cleaning

Residue deposit is a serious concern after fire damage. Cleaning all items and materials in the house requires the right skills. Our SERVPRO technicians have a wide variety of resources that help ensure a positive outcome. We have equipment such as specialized upholstery cleaning machines, pressure washers, and duct cleaning equipment to help guarantee a perfect outcome.

Restoration of fire-damaged properties in Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, or Germantown can be tricky. Call SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill at (215) 482-0800 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Available 24/7 For All Your Roxborough Fire Damage Restoration Services

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

A family room in a home completely covered in smoke and soot damage from a fire SERVPRO is the best in the industry, and we have the experience and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition after a fire disaster.

Fast Cleanup of Fire Damage in a Roxborough Kitchen

According to the CPSC, one of the leading causes of unreported home fires is cooking. From 2012 to 2016, fire departments in the US responded to an average of 471 home cooking fires every day: a whooping 172,100 fires total. Fire damage caused by cooking may seem insignificant, but many risks can harm your appliances and structures well after the fire has occurred without proper cleanup. 

Deal with fire damage in your Roxborough home can be stressful and overwhelming, but you do not have to handle it alone. The certified technicians at SERVPRO receive extensive training and education in addressing fire-related disasters and are ready to assist you. The goal of this disaster cleanup service is to restore your home to its prior condition while maximizing safety after exposure to fire, soot, and residues.

How Soot Affects Homeowners After Fires

Soot does more than coat or stain surfaces after a fire. Here are just a few risks soot can pose to your home:

  • Soot compounds, like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, can combine with moisture and become acidic. This can corrode metals, plastics, and other components of appliances in your kitchen. 
  • These particles can increase the risk of various respiratory conditions, including asthma and bronchitis. 
  • Every year, soot causes a whopping 300,000 asthma attacks and 2 million sick days off work due to respiratory issues.

SERVPRO is Here to Help

When addressing cooking-related fire damage in your home, SERVPRO technicians take great care to examine surfaces that may have been affected by soot or protein residues. Protein residues are colorless, but have a strong, distinct odor, and cannot be removed without extensive cleaning. 

SERVPRO also examines appliances like your refrigerator, toaster, and stove for signs of fire damage and cleans them from the inside out to minimize risk to your home. Finishes, plastic casings, and more are cleaned with gentle tools, and great care is taken to preserve your possessions.

A common method for addressing pervasive odors after a fire is the thermal fogger. This industrial-grade deodorizing system eliminates odor-causing particles by releasing solvents in the same way smoke clings to surfaces after a fire. Commercial box fans are used to ventilate the home after fogging to clean the air thoroughly. 

SERVPRO of Manayunk and Chestnut Hill is Faster to Any Size Disaster so your home can be restored to its preloss condition quickly. Call (215) 482-0800 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for reliable disaster cleanup.

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